5 Random Thoughts I’ve Had Today #77

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

My weekly post for some entertainment; for myself and all of you!

1. Well the first workout of 2017 was completed last night!! Two thoughts: Ouch. And holy shit everyone and their mother is crowding the gym with their New Years resolutions. Maybe I should just stay home until next month.

2. Stretchy pants are the best. Everyday I get so excited to come home and take off my pants. And bra. I just can’t wait to change my clothes I guess?

3. So I have this confession…I am extremely addicted to salt. Yes. I salt everything and anything. Like pizza. But this week marks the start of no more salt! It’s not good for you and it just makes you bloat. So far, 2 days salt sober!

4. I wish I had a smart house like in that Disney Channel movie back in the day (Google Smart House if…

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