Reign of Terror

Roger Bussey


Within recent years, we have come to appreciate the astonishing feats achieved by our ancestors, and how their advances in science led to space age travel.

What they believed to be a new future for our world was to lead to a Great Invasion of planet Earth by an alien force.  Our great cities; destroyed.  Civilisation; forced underground.  Man; hunted like a wild animal.


For thousands of years, man tore our planet apart with their great destructive wars.  With no more to fight for, they turned their heads upwards gazing into the solar system, “asking what lay beyond?”

Captain Jamie Straker: a rough and ready looking individual, more suited to the battlefield, commanded the Genesis: Excelsior.  His brief was to find out what lay on the planet of Uranus.

The ship glided quietly through space, and it was not long before they reached the planet of Uranus, encircled by a…

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