Alexis Chateau Hires Feline Goodwill Ambassador

Alexis Chateau PR

Atlanta, GA – Alexis Chateau LLC recently hired an abandoned stray as its Goodwill Ambassador.

Shadow replaces former Office Cat, Smokey Chateau whotragically went missingon November 13, 2016. Founder and managing partner, Alexis Chateau, was away for the weekend on a business trip at the time of her disappearance.

Following their loss, the company altered its clientele focus to include non-profit organizations advocating for animal rights.

The Hunt

Alexis Chateau LLC first began its search for a new Office Cat in mid-December, when Smokey still did not return to resume her position.

The company’s ad reportedly attracted many fine candidates from as far as a hundred miles away. However, AC declined these offers in hopes of finding a black feline.

Founder Alexis Chateau explains:

Black cats have the lowest adoption rates in shelters all around the US, and the highest kill-rates. We wanted to ensure at least one…

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