Working Dogs


Poppy’s little piglets are just like their Mother. Escape artists.  Every time I turn around lately they are out in the wrong field or on the drive or somewhere they are not meant to be.  In fact I have never had a group quite as busy.  Boo is put on his string when we herd piglets back in, so he walks beside me. Ton is better at this – he has to find them first then he just creeps forward slowly, eyeing them, makinng not a sound, gently moving them back to the hole they came out of.

Then I block the hole and we await the next escape.

They have grown out of their niddle sized hut and now have the Nunber Three Hut which is a big old cracked upside-down drinking trough with a doorway cut out of it.

They were so exhausted after their busy, busy day of…

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