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No Junjou Na Kanjou… let me come right out now and say this… I don’t speak Japanese. I never have. I tried to… but foreign languages are not my strong suit. I successfully learned Latin, and still botch it up on a regular basis when trying to speak it.

Then what are you doing listening to this?

Do you have to understand everything in order to appreciate it? Consider… how many songs out there do you listen to that have Na na, la la, doot doos, scat, chanting in languages you don’t know, or (God help you) yodeling? Several popular songs out there these days have these things. You don’t understand what they’re saying, but you don’t think twice about it.

I look at this like listening to something without lyrics. The vocals, to me, are simply another musical instrument playing.

Also, I’ve tried listening to the only translated versions…

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