In the background of these two

loving fowl, one a rooster

there is a Hawk,

kept in a place

healing his wounds.

We wandered through

bird sanctuary to come across

kissing couple content on their perch.

As we looked through the netting

into the brooding hawk’s cage

we pondered his fate and

came to conclusion, as

the conservationist

and preservation



It is best to be

alive, peaceful

and hopeful

as we view

our world.

Kissing rooster

and partner seemed

truly and happily paired.

Rather than a cockfight

maybe choose kindness and love.

Happy New Year, 2017!


(photo and thoughts

~ reocochran)


This is a letter from a famous

person in answer to someone else.

“North Brooklin, Maine

30 March 1973

Dear Mr. Nadeau,

As long as there is one upright man,

as long as there is one compassionate

woman, the contagion may spread and

the scene…

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2 thoughts on “Choices”

  1. Penney, thank you for re-blogging my New Year’s post. We were celebrating the Chinese Year of the Rooster. In a tough year of campaigning for President, we all need to mend fences and get along in 2017. Live and kindness will be the way to heal.
    Have a wonderful new year and wishing you, Penney, good health and beautiful moments.


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