A couple married for 74 years died on same day


        Earlier it was reported that a man and his wife were married for 74 years and died on the same day. In January 1942 in Muldoon, Texas was when they were high school lovers and last week was the death of both of the lovers just hours apart of each other. The grandson of them said, ” their love was the strongest love that he had ever seen.” David Cherry, the son also conculded, “I feel blessed that Daddy’s suffering is over, and I feel blessed that Mom is with him and that she didn’t have to live alone.” Leonard Cherry died at 1 pm last Thursday and his wife passed away that same day at 11 pm and they were unaware of what had caused her death. David Cherry (the son) also said, “It’s kind of hard you know, you can’t pick up the phone and…

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