My family’s tiny tree

The Monster in Your Closet

Last year, I bought a tiny fake Christmas tree late on Christmas Eve.

Toddler hands tore away two of its baubles last year, but I kept the tree anyway. Because of how it amused my boys, it took up a bigger space in my heart than it did on my table.

I pulled it down last week. Setting aside the paper flowers my friend Ra gave me for my birthday, I placed the tree in the middle of my family’s dining room table.

I replaced the missing baubles with a pair of my earrings. With them, the tree looked complete.

It’s not majestic. It’s not especially well made. All the same, I smiled today as I placed it up in a cupboard–with its new earring ornaments–for safekeeping until next year.

It may not be much to look at it, but it’s myfamily’s: our tiny, tinny Christmas tree.

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