On Being God’s Woman

Ann's Corner


This reading from Oswald Chambers brought tears to my eyes, because I am aware that I fall so short in so many ways, but I now see and understand clearly that it is the UNDERLYING thoughts that are completely erroneous. It is true that I fall short. However, any shame at my shortcomings means essentially that I am still thinking that it is ME that is doing or not doing something or that it is up to ME to do something, when it is not. It is ALL GOD doing something THROUGH this highly imperfect vessel. I KNOW this intellectually, But do I live in that REALITY?

It’s also true that in this faulty thinking, I am in all practicality doubting God’s capacity to use me perfectly. Who am I to make that judgement? “Shall not the judge of all the earth do RIGHT?” His choice. His foreknowledge. His…

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