Animal Farm @ Tagaytay Highlands

Belle Papillon 24/7

This is part II of “Grateful… blissful… serene… TYG!!!” as I promised to talk about the Animal Farm.

One of the exclusive amenities when staying at Tagaytay Highlands is  being able to check out their Animal Farm. It is a petting zoo and home to miniature animals from different parts of the world. This mini-Zoo has a lot of healthy, well-cared animals! It has a well-manicured garden with a variety of flora and fauna. The caretakers are very kind and accommodating and will entertain any questions you may have.


I managed to pet a huge snake (see right side of photo collage) and have a big snake wrapped around my neck. I was able to feed a cockatoo and a parrot (see 2 photos @ top right) and all these things used to terrify me to death (still scares me)…  but I did it! Woooot!!!

We also fed their Orangutan named Chino…

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One thought on “Animal Farm @ Tagaytay Highlands”

  1. I was researching for a post I’m working on about fear and I thought of googling “snake found at Tagaytay Highlands”, and guess where it took me… haha surprise, surprise! 😉

    Thanks for the reblog.

    ❤ BP


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