Best Bars in Boston

Mary in Manhattan

Brittany from Boston is back! She’s here to give us the scoop on the best bars in Boston for every occasion – dancing, a classy night out, breathtaking views and (of course) to watch the Sox.

boston wine Photo by Brittany from Boston

Whenever you New Yorkers need a break, you should come visit Boston. We’ve got lots of historic sights and cultural attractions, but the fun really gets started after the sun goes down! I’m here to help you navigate the best of Boston’s nightlife, where to get a drink for every occasion. Don’t make the rookie mistake of going out near Faneuil Hall, it’s all for tourists. If you want to go out and meet real Bostonians, these are the best bars in Boston.

Best Upscale Bars

When you’re in the mood for a nice cocktail and mingling by the bar, these are the spots that raise the bar for…

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