Thankfulness and Gift Giving

L.T. Garvin

It’s that joyous time of the year, right after what might have been a lively table flipping Thanksgiving debacle, depending on differing family politics. Thank goodness, not mine, as we are all on the same side of what is turning out to be the Great American Horror Story. Now we can get down to some serious consumer shopping. First off, College Boy, whom my significant other affectionately calls, Austinian The Child Emperor, (ok…he is maybe a tad bit spoiled), put in his Xmas request for a Keurig Fancy Smancy Coffee Maker. He asked for the K575, I countered with, “How about the K200?  Look, isn’t it nice?” Then I immediately felt bad when he answered that the 200 would be fine. I mean, he is a Child Emperor and all, and how is he possibly going to impress all his preppy, fraternity friends not to mention making lattes for sorority…

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