30 Day Challenge: Studying Productively

DIY in a Dorm

Soon enough we’d be writing ‘January 2016’ and then crossing out 2016 to write 2017. It’s almost that time of the year again! Fall is fun and winters are warm and cozy, but for everyone who has exams coming up, I know you dread these months. And if, in one insane moment, you decided to study medicine like me, ‘dread’ is an understatement.

30-day-challenge-studying-productivelyThe other day someone had a status put up on their Facebook that read ‘This, too, shall pass. Painfully. Like a kidney stone.But it will pass.’ To tell you in one line, this month’s 30 Day Challenge is about making sure it is not like a kidney stone that your prep leaves pass! Read on for a few tips that I find very helpful when studying and make the most of your time.


Figure Out What You Need to Study

If you just randomly…

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