The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

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Hello Gorgeous People!! I’m back with a new blog. In this blog I’m going to tell you guys about “The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil”. So let’s get stared.

Benefits/Uses :

  1. Tea tree oil is extremely effective for hair treatment. By gentely rubbing the oil on your scalp and hair in a dry state you will help the oil to penetrate into the scalp reducing and eliminating stubborn dandruff from your scalp.
  2. It clears the dogged pores that in many cases harbor organisms that slow down hair growth and promote dandruff.
  3. Dandruff hakes are actually dead skin cells that fall off your scalp, your scalp may look scally or red and fell itchy or raw. Applying a combination of lavender and tea tree oil kills lice eggs and reduce the number of live lice. Simply apply on scalp and message for a few minutes, then rince thoroughly.
    Tea tree…

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