Ron’s Mom On: Seeking Continuity and Permanence

The Time Tunnel

Cohorts of Change!

Change is inevitable, Growth is intentional!!!

For this article, I’m going to name myself and my granddaughter as Cohorts of Change.

Of course, being of a typical of her generation, she wouldn’t appreciate being named ANYTHING. The cohorts are; the Silent Generation of my era, and “Her Majesty’s” generation; the Millennials.

The members of the Silent Generation were born between 1928 and 1942. They kept their heads down trying their best to be “seen not heard”, not wanting to upset the applecart. When the “Silent” began coming of age, after World War II, they tiptoed cautiously in a post-crisis social order that no one wanted to disturb.

Unlike the G.I.s, they rarely talked about “changing the system”, but “working within the system.” They did this because they didn’t want anything to go on their “permanent records”, so they kept their heads down during the McCarthy era. TIME…

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