El Paso Food Delivery Service takes off Nationwide

Life of an El Paso Woman


Chico’s anyone?

By Lisa Amaya

Although I’ve eaten Mexican food from different U.S. cities (I’ve even had some from Juarez, Mexico many moons ago), I have to brag about El Paso’s. My grandma and mom’s cooking rank at the very top of the list. I think El Paso has some of the best Mexican food in the country because of the unique flavors and textures. Bland tasting food in El Paso is typically unheard of. Los Angeles and Las Cruces, New Mexico tie for a very close second when it comes to carrying tasty, authentic Mexican food.

Some say Chico’s Tacos isn’t real Mexican food but almost everyone I know likes it. If I remember correctly, Chico’s Tacos was featured on the Food Network sometime back. My friends and family from out of town sometimes talk about craving the ground beef rolled tacos drenched in tomato sauce and bright orange…

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