My Diary: Looking Up At The Giant Landmass Floating Above My Head

Gerald's Rather Strange Diary

It rained like a multitude of country vicars all hitting the ground at the same time.‭ ‬Unfortunately I am now living in the town and passed several times of day with an anorexic Friar Tuck before the Celtic symbols on my spectacle lenses grew too big to look through.‭ ‬I hoovered the face on my studio floor knowing that June was downstairs curled up as a croquet ball waiting for Isis and Nephthys to come along holding a stick.‭ ‬Later she stood up as a solitary acacia in the dry ground under an opened umbrella while I curled up as a cricket ball waiting for Kali and Durga.‭ ‬After a quick lunch consisting of part of the Earth’s crust destined to form a new continent in the next epoch June took the acacia to town,‭ ‬coming home with jackal ears and a brand new jumper.

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