How to Dig Through My Purse in 10 Ways

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

Happy Monday y’all!

I know what you guys are thinking…wait, it’s Monday. Allison stopped posting on Mondays. Well I’m back. I decided to try a short new series for Mondays to try to lighten the day up a little bit! Or you’re thinking, oh a post. I’m going to read it and then carry on about my day as usual. Either way! That’s cool!

But I introduce you the “How to Dig Through My…” Monday line up! Just a little something for some Monday entertainment. This week: My Purse. Yikes

My purse is seriously like a big black hole. Things go in there and I never find them. For months. Or until I decided to sit down and clean it out. Here’s what I found!


1. Headphones – Lots of them. Not one set of headphones, but 3! I guess you never know!

2. Tic Tacs – But 2 packs…

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