Portrait of a bearded old man in Bogor

Joshi Daniel Photography

Portrait of a bearded old keychain seller in Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia A bearded old man | Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia

A bearded old keychain seller in Bogor Botanical Garden, Indonesia.

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My Review on an online store

the lady confidential

The Vintage Nerd – Art shopThe_Vintagenerd ​
Hello Everyone! I’m back again with a blog post. In this blog I’m going to review a few things that I’ve got from an online store. So let’s get started. ☺


The Vintage Nerd is an artist in love with creating art! Bold, intricate, one of a kind art and design pieces in rich, vibrant colors for fashion & home decor products.

Style of Work:

Her work revolves around creating art pieces through the intermingling of various, free hand drawn illustrative elements, finished in mix medium creating an over all rhythmic as well as thematic composition.
The Vintage Nerd work is experimental and conceptual in nature and mostly has a mandala as a central element with every other element/s acting in support to it.


Their work is divided into 3 segments,

1.wearable art ( silk stoles )

2. The…

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John Wick (2014)


Revenge is best served cold and John made a whole lot of gazpacho!

John Wick

Summit Entertainment in association with Thunder Road Pictures, 87Eleven Productions, MJW Films and DefyNite Films present…

First time Directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch who both had credits from multiple action films which include the worldwide box office success from The Matrix Trilogy! Gathers together enough energetic talent to bring to life a world where blood and bullets are the favorites on the entree!

Chad and David made sure they maximized the talent and skills they perfected from the past few films and incorporated it with sheer brutal efficiency! Just like their mentors, these two admires the works of anime, gun fu techniques and martial arts while being executed by fight choreographers!

The redeemable Keannu Reeves (Henry’s Crime) stars a former mob top class hitman John Wick! While still grieving from the recent loss of his wife…

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