Simple & Simply


Simple & Simply

It is a Simple thought

Simply think

You are not the Simple one

It’s Simple, that

You are Simply ‘Thou Art That’

They have said in Simple words

We have to Simply understand

Sounds Simply Simple, yet

Not as Simple, Simply

If one understands or is trying to understand these simple words simply said by sages, I am very happy that you are simply on the path to enlightenment.

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A Little bit of Fun


Dave Barclay at and John Howell at got to fooling around one day on a few comments back and fourth. The subject turned from the serious to the ridiculous with a couple of iterations on the question, “What are the curses of mankind?” We had to admit that after we developed our curse statement we had a good laugh and thought you would like to join in on the fun.

Here are the curses we identified

“Work is the curse of the drinking class.”

“Sleep is the curse of the drinking class.”

So how about you? Think of a curse and put it in the Reblog comments and then reblog. It is that easy.

Don’t forget to add another fun “curse” to keep this growing.

'It says: Cursed be they who kiss and tell  to the tabloids.' ‘It says: Cursed be they who kiss and tell to the tabloids.’

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The Servant King By Joel F

Joys of Joel

poem about blind devotion, addiction, joys of joel poems, servant king The Servant king –

To which you can’t imply
As moments pass you by
A guide to walk you right
Stillness of the night.

For which you cannot speak
Words you simply keep
A ship of time that fleets
Voyage to a slippery creek.

By which you don’t foresee
Or simply refuse to see
The hands of a minute clock
Where birds don’t simply flock.

In which you surely missed
The stroke of a genie’s luck
Because you simply kiss
The wrath of a stonecast rock.

Through which you now have seen
The crimson of forest green
And steal the lovely scene
For your wicked lonely queen.

Kindly Click The Link or  Tap The Photo and Read  The Wealthy Shoplifter.  Thanks.

The wealthy shoplifter, joys of joel poems, rhyming poem about love, regrets and amibtion The Wealthy Shoplifter –

Copyright © 2015 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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I’m Berry Blessed, I am….

Cynthia Reyes

I love blueberries, I do.

Blog Photo Blueberries by H Grange

On Sunday, as we drove to Wilmot Orchards Blueberry Farm in Newcastle, Ontario, I told my good man: “I want to go blueberry picking. How hard can that be?’

Blog Photo Blueberry Picking

To which he promptly said: “Not a good idea.” Or some other such very sensible reply.

Blog Photo Girl Picks Blueberries by H Grange

I gave him a mean look. Because he’s always right….

Perhaps to give me time to reconsider, he drove around to other nearby farms and we stopped as he took these photos.

Blog Photo Sunflower CU by H GrangeBlog Photo Sunflowers by H GrangeBlog Photo Apples by H GrangeBlog Photo Apples CU by H Grange

By then I’d regained my senses. I went and BOUGHT a container of blueberries at Wilmot.

Came home, shared it with neighbours and still had enough for a feast.

And now I have been eating so many of these delicious berries that, any day now, I shall be entirely blue!  (But very thankful.)

Blog Photo CR and Berries by H Grange

All photos by Hamlin Grange.

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