Having a bad day: 15 things that will get you through the day

Wanderlust: Becoming a Traveler

To say the least, August has been a hectic and chaotic period for me this year. It all started in late July when I along with 14 colleagues were let go from my job due to cut backs. Living in a foreign city not speaking the language fluently made me slightly panic for an hour or two until I remembered that there are lots of opportunities in Amsterdam for an ambitious lady such as myself.

Bad day

I was lucky as I was given two months notice, however, was able to find a job within one month. Although only having been job hunting for a month, it hasn’t been without frustration and doubt: Doubt in myself, my abilities and competencies along with questioning if I should stay in Amsterdam. As you know, I am quite keen on moving around and settle in different foreign cities for a period of time, however, I…

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Talking Donald Donkey 

Apps Reviewed

I thought this would be a fun game for kids but it’s neither for kids nor for adults. The game has surprises but it tends to get boring. There are lot of activities that you can do with donkey like kick a ball, make sounds,read a joke (some jokes are for adults) but it does no anywhere. The kids can learn from art section and number games but they can also see a donkey getting drunk and singing. So don’t know if I can recommend but if you have nothing else to do in world and you want to just check some crazy stuff check this out.

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Lymph Nodes

Ann's Corner

Here is some more cancer info, this time about lymph nodes. I just looked into it a bit more and found an article I will paste below my comments.

I know the surgeon took out the right sentinel lymph node and two others for examination when I had the second surgery done for cancer in the right breast. The first operation was a lumpectomy, I believe, and the second was a segmental mastectomy.

The nodes they removed and examined were found to be negative for cancer. I’m glad it stopped there at the three they took, because I understand those lymph nodes are very important cancer “filters”. My surgeon said that they used to remove them all but they no longer do so…..I believe that’s a good thing.


I wish I had known to ask many more questions about my cancer before anything at all was done. I wish…

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