Throwback The ’90s – The ‘Tuck It In’ Trend



Remember what Julia Roberts was wearing as Vivian Ward in the last scene of Pretty Woman? A loose fitted white Tee underneath a black oversized blazer with shoulder pads, AND she tucked the white Tee into her high waisted jeans.

Pretty Woman was a big hit in 1990 and so was Vivian Ward’s wardrobe. The inspiration from her last outfit of the movie had soon extended to tuck-in everything: from Tees to shirts to sweaters and turtlenecks…
Of course, you’d complete this smart look by wearing the ‘oversized blazer’ – although in the ’90s, they were not considered ‘oversized’, they were just considered chic!

There are currently lots and lots of ’90s comeback looks. However, the girls now who interpret the ’90s trends are mostly thin; super toned and often tanned, whereas the ’90s, women embraced big hair and voluminous clothing and they were much more laid back about their…

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