Military Advice, 1783

Windows into History

Grenadier_40th_1776 2Snippets 76.  In Snippets 66 we looked at a slang dictionary written by Francis Grose, a noted antiquarian who wrote a series of books about medieval antiquities. A writer on many themes, he also wrote about proverbs and superstitions and, in 1783, penned Advice to the Officers of the British Army. I should mention at this point that the book was published anonymously but its true authorship is in little doubt. A captain in the army, Grose was “thrown, during camp and garrison service, into constant association with officers of the army of all grades, he was enabled to acquire the knowledge of their errors and habits” (preface to the 1867 reprint). His work stands as an interesting reflection of military attitudes in the 18th Century. I have chosen three separate quotes, relating to treatment of soldiers under the officer’s command, and also how to make a fortune…

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How to Pack for Vacation in 10 Ways: Maui

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

It’s time for my next adventure! Tomorrow morning I will be boarding a plane and sailing over the Pacific to the beautiful island of Maui. Ahhh can this work day just be over already? Yeesh! People have vacations to start! This week I spent 3 days of work 3 hours away from home so they were overnighters, which made a lot less time for me to prep for this vacation. I spent all day last Saturday cleaning and organizing my apartment and doing a ton of laundry so that when I got back I could relax for a minute.

So as I was getting my list together, I thought I’d share some of my must-haves for my Maui vacation! We haven’t been for 2 years, but I cannot wait to go back for 10 days of sun, no responsibilities, and days full of no worries.

1. Hawaiian Shirt

As you…

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A directory of wonderful things

The title seems preachy, right?

The best part about life is, our ability to learn & adapt. So, here’s what I have learnt so far (oh yes, I’ve certainly made a lot of mistakes for learning these! Not that I regret them *wink wink*)

Lesson #1.
Learn to be happy in what you have. Don’t look for happiness in other people, your career, or in ‘things’ for that matter. Look inside. It’s deep within you. That’s where you’ll find happiness.

Lesson #2.
Don’t leave something good, to pursue better.
You might end up losing both. Stay clear about your priorities.

Lesson #3.
If it’s making you happy, don’t question it.
Life is short. Make good use of it.

Lesson #4.
Be content with yourself.
This doesn’t mean you stop trying for that promotion you have been working for, it simply means. .maintain your calm while working for it. Better…

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