Transit agencies use ‘Pokemon GO’ to encourage ridership


The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) and other transit agencies are using the “Pokemon GO” game to encourage public transit ridership.

Several of Metro’s rail stations serve as “gyms,” where players of the game can train and battle Pokemon, the agency announced this week. Additionally, many stops serve as “Pokestops,” where players can gather equipment needed for the game.

“For those of you who aren’t too keen on walking long distances, Metro buses and trains are a good traffic-beating option with many stations near the type of community gathering places favored by the game,” Metro officials said in a press release.

Additionally, the agency created a Twitter handle dedicated to updates about the augmented reality game, which requires players to walk around their environments to capture virtual creatures.

However, Metro cautioned players to remain alert and aware of their surroundings while playing the game. On Twitter, MTA New…

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How technology change the way I work


Technology may be the bane of invasion of your personal life as you get another ‘ding’ at 4am in the morning to tell you know your boss is sending his first email in the morning. There are ways to avoid being the slaves of technology. Before I advice you how to switch off, you need to hear the good stuff first.

I never like laptops although my house is scattered with a lot of laptops. I prefer the undeniable speed of desktop and the huge screen in front of me so I don’t have to squirt my eyes. Mostly it’s the speed that I love. Guys love their fast cars and go vroom vroom? Kally love her fast bandwidth and I can go yay yippee yay yay. But laptops are here because of mobility (really?), I have to lug my laptop from meeting rooms to meeting rooms, even to…

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