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iPhoneOgraphy – 09 Jul 2016 (Day 191/366)

A headlamp is a lamp attached to the front of a vehicle to light the road ahead. While it is common for the term headlight to be used interchangeably in informal discussion, headlamp is the term for the device itself, while headlight properly refers to the beam of light produced and distributed by the device.

Headlamp performance has steadily improved throughout the automobile age, spurred by the great disparity between daytime and nighttime traffic fatalities: the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that nearly half of all traffic-related fatalities occur in the dark, despite only 25% of traffic travelling during darkness.

Other vehicles, such as trains and aircraft, are required to have headlamps. Bicycle headlamps are often used on bicycles, and are required in some jurisdictions. They can be powered by a battery or a small generator.

The earliest headlamps were fueled…

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“Your heart was a just like the sand,
No matter how much I tried to
carve my name,
everytime it got washed away with waves.
I couldn’t see that,
It made my heart break.
Watching waves washing away my name again and again,
Looking at you, craving for someone else.
I had to let you go,
Because I couldn’t take that
heart ache anymore.
Perhaps my name never belonged there,
Perhaps the sand is made for waves.”


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Taken, for granted.


I don’t know why but I always see the person who loves the most is always the one to get hurt the most. I experience it, I feel it.
To whoever you give all your time and care, they start taking it for granted. They feel however they behave, you won’t ever leave them. But they forget, whatever is taken for granted, goes away.
You are a gem, don’t lower your standards for the one who don’t deserve you. Keep your crown up, always.

Walking down the memory lane,
I recall what we both together were.
I wrote pages for you,
You didn’t write a single word.

How happy I was with
you being around,
You never cared, my love.
You used to tell me
you love me a lot,
but I never felt your
care or your love.

I finally knew my love
was taken for granted,

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Flip-Flop And Vacuum…

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4583“Hey you out there in the cold
Getting lonely getting old
Can you feel me?
Hey you standing in the aisles
With itchy feet and fading smiles
Can you feel me?
Hey you don’t help them to bury the light
Don’t give in without a fight

Hey you out there on your own
Sitting naked by the phone
Would you touch me?
Hey you with your ear against the wall
Waiting for someone to call out
Would you touch me?
Hey you, would you help me to carry the stone?
Open your heart, I’m coming home

But it was only fantasy
The wall was too high
As you can see
No matter how he tried
He could not break free
And the worms ate into his brain

Hey you, out there on the road
Always doing what you’re told
Can you help me?
Hey you, out there beyond the wall

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