Falcon Boy: Vol. 1: 58 ‘Ready for Anything?’ Part I


With everyone in place and ready for anything that Dr Don’t Know could possibly throw at them, Ellis went backstage to try and figure out exactly what the evil criminal was planning to do.

Previously, when she was still looking for Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird, Ellis had found the backstage area to be too busy and too difficult to explore properly.

DRDI’m certain that the uncertainty of the situation was certainly a contributing factor to her own uncertainty, but now that things were a bit more certain, it is certainly fair to say that Ellis was feeling a bit more certain about herself and how certain things were going, even if she wasn’t certain yet what the world could expect from a certain Dr Don’t Know.

With Falcon Boy and Bewilder Bird now free to fight crime once more, and with her responsible for their freedom, Ellis was beginning…

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