By the Mighty Mumford

Set out today to display

Pictures into an email…

Took the long way around

But it’s not a total fail.

Got them on computer,

Sheltered by M.S.N….

Tried transfer to GOOGLE

And found I had no friend.

Tried opening up my hot mail account

Which turned into a mess…

I hope that I’ll get in

With a kind caress!

Partially victorious,

I would bring to you…

At least one shot of the layout

Before the wiring  is through!

–Jonathan Caswell

(No such luck!    BOO-HISSS!)

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‘@Caltrain Sucks’: New Frontiers in Transit Agency Social Media


Just last month, BART — or should we say @SFBART — sent out a tweet that rocked the world for social media pundits and at least some customers.

Amid a service meltdown in the East Bay, the BART Twitter account let it be known that yes, the system’s infrastructure was old, frayed and kind of screwed up.

“This is our reality” became a mini-meme and hashtag, touched off a mostly thoughtful conversation with the system’s riders and made Taylor Huckaby, the BART employee who works the @SFBART account, a bit of a celebrity.

The general tenor of the ensuing coverage was laudatory: Just imagine a public agency being so real with the public! (Not everyone was buying BART’s “truth bombs,” though. Daniel Borenstein, a columnist for the East Bay WhateverYouCallIt who has long been a bruising critic of BART management, called the tweets “diversionary propaganda.”)


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Breakaway Links Of The Day – 5-3-2016


Zy Marquiez
May 3, 2016

What follows are some of the days best links, with the addition of an older, but still significant link regarding fluoride.

Hope everyone is safe and doing well.

Have a great evening.

The GMO Scrapbook – GMO Geopolitics & Russian Agriculture
[GizaDeathStar.com | Dr. Joseph P. Farrell]

Aerial Spraying To Kill Mosquitoes Linked To 25% Increase In Autism, Finds Shock Study By American Academy Of Pediatrics
[NaturalNews.com | Julie Wilson]

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Help With Weight Loss?
[NutritionFacts.org | Dr. Greger]

CRISPER Gene Editing Lies Exposed By Genomics Expert: The ‘Official Narrative’ Just Another Myth
[NaturalNews.com |David Gutierrez]

NGOs, The Pentagon & Human Rights – Industrial Complex
[CorbettReport.com | James Corbett]

Panama Papers – Sheep-Dipped CIA Dirty Ops
[Journal-NEO.Org | F. William Engdahl]

Leak Confirms Our Worst Nightmares: TTIP Trade Deal IS A Corporate Take Over
[UndergroundReporter.org | Deirdre Fulton]

Throwback Tuesday Flashback…

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