Even More About The 1939 Royal Train that Visited the United States


As many of you know, we have a great WebSite on the 1939 Royal Train that visited the United States. Now we have found the Canadian side of the details.

For all the research we have done, we did not know that the pilot train almost missed the grand welcome in Washington because of a Hot Box!

1939 Royal Tour

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Lasius Niger The Black Knight

The Inspiration Shots

iPhoneOgraphy – 29 Apr 2016 (Day 120/366)

The black garden ant (Lasius niger), also known as the common black ant, is a formicine ant, the type species of the subgenus Lasius, found all over Europe and in some parts of North America and Asia. The European species was split into two species; L. niger is found in open areas, while L. platythorax is found in forest habitats. It is monogynous, meaning colonies have a single queen.

Lasius niger colonies can reach in size up to around 40,000 workers but 4,000–7,000 is around average. A Lasius niger queen can live up to around 15 years and it has been claimed that some have lived for 30 years. Lasius niger queens while in the early stages of founding can have two to three other queens in the nest. They will tolerate each other until the first workers come, then it is most…

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