Thanks to All who came Aboard!

No Facilities

Northeast Regional That’s my train, the Northeast Regional crossing the CT River about 6:00 am

Yesterday was National Train Day. I mentioned in my post, that several of my writing friends were indulging my obsession with trains by joining me with posts on their blogs. I shared an early post by Sharukh and an early post by Mary, Mary added a second post about a train station brew pub (beer fountain anyone?) and then Mary cajoled Joanne into joining us with a story about Canadian trains and some wonderful photos of trains in the snow.

During the day, and after I was tucked in for the night, a few more friends joined as they had promised they would. I promised that I would mention their posts, so here we go. Sharukh, a bona fide train nut and travel enthusiast, brought us a post about five grand luxury trains in India

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