Restlessness and Rush of London

Windows into History

st PaulsSnippets 69.  Lydia Sigourney was a popular American poet during the early-mid 19th Century. Although she enjoyed considerable success in her lifetime she is now almost forgotten, perhaps due to the impersonal nature of her work. However, despite largely keeping her own life and her poetry separate, her poetry is descriptive, often beautiful, with depth of thought and great Christian conviction. In 1840 she crossed the Atlantic for a tour of Britain and France, keeping a journal of her travels. This was published in 1842 as Pleasant Memories of Pleasant Lands, a mix of her recollections and the poetry she wrote on her travels, inspired by the places she visited. In London she was overwhelmed by the huge population:

The restlessness and rush of the people, in the most populous parts of London, are among the best helps to a stranger in forming an idea of its magnitude…

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