Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016)


Come, comic book fanatics, the spending public, studio execs! Come, kneel before Zack!

Batman v Superman - Dawn of Justice

Warner Bros. Pictures in association with Ratpac Entertainment, Cruel and Unusual Films, Atlas Entertainment and DC Entertainment present…

DC Comics and Warner Bros. have been figuring things out of the “mother box” and give their main competitors Marvel along with Disney to bring together their own “superteam” and by branding their own “justice”! It has been too long and the wait is finally over!

So, as the title implies its two fold machinations that allow these comic book icons initially clash through fixated indignancy and about how the beginning of an age for the DC Extended Universe has finally come into fruition where a collective group of super heroes composed of a sober alien, a warrior demigoddess, a half-breed King, a time travelling speedster, a hybrid man-machine and a gothic urban legend are brought to life in the…

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