2 Suggestions Before Hitting The Books: When The Bible Is Confusing

James Edward Sharp


We already know what not to do right? We aren’t going to quit when we don’t understand. I hope most people reading this post based on the title really want answers.

We want to see how others have come to a resting point with these wrestling points. More importantly, we want to come to our own conclusion based on all of the facts.

We don’t need to feel ashamed to be stumped but do something about it.

A post-modern influenced, relativistic bent in today’s culture has highlighted this need for ownership in one’s own journey. For this we should be thankful and remain mindful moving forward.

Relax this won’t be ahermeneutics course or anything. These are 2 Suggestion anybody can use to start fighting for clarity in Bible trading.

1. Prayer
Never read your Bible without simultaneous prayer.John teaches us about the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives…

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