Mytwosentences 135 (side story continues)



Summoning courage I had only known from campy tales with unconvincing characters, I hobbled over to the bulkhead door and haphazardly slid-open an unexpectedly loose deadbolt lock.
After flipping on a rusty, insufficient patio light, I stepped into the thick air of a perfectly still and obscenely quiet nightscape that provided a touch of solace, until the open door behind me slammed shut.
(Continued from Mytwosentences 134)
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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Congratulations to Eddie Izzard


What can you say about that man Eddie Izzard? He had to take a day off early on so on Sunday he completed two marathons just so he could say he had done 27 in 27 days. One for every year Nelson Mandella was in prison. Incredible achievement, and he raised over a million for Sports Relief in the process.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Eddie for the feat, money raised and hope all the pain was worth it to you because it is greatly appreciated. No joking when it comes to this particular charity as Eddie has done great things in the past (also running marathons). Anyway well done and great result for everyone concerned.

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2 Suggestions Before Hitting The Books: When The Bible Is Confusing

James Edward Sharp


We already know what not to do right? We aren’t going to quit when we don’t understand. I hope most people reading this post based on the title really want answers.

We want to see how others have come to a resting point with these wrestling points. More importantly, we want to come to our own conclusion based on all of the facts.

We don’t need to feel ashamed to be stumped but do something about it.

A post-modern influenced, relativistic bent in today’s culture has highlighted this need for ownership in one’s own journey. For this we should be thankful and remain mindful moving forward.

Relax this won’t be ahermeneutics course or anything. These are 2 Suggestion anybody can use to start fighting for clarity in Bible trading.

1. Prayer
Never read your Bible without simultaneous prayer.John teaches us about the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives…

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What Can A Billionaire Buy That Most People Can’t?

The Arts Mechanical

This article raises that interesting question.

In a way most of us don’t really understand how differently we live from even a very short time ago.  Read the comments in this excellent piece from Sarah Hoyt.

Burning Rousseau In Effigy

The fact is that right now just about everybody in the Developed nations can afford products that are better and cheaper than anything has ever been made.  For instance my car is almost ten years old and has never required major maintenance and the body is as free of exterior rust as when it was new.  The computer I’m writing this on is more powerful than ANY computer that you could buy in 1980.  The clothes I’m wearing are more durable and sewn better than anything you could buy in 1950.  And everything is essentially so cheap that just about everybody can afford it.

The fact is that, because of the constant improvement  of manufacturing…

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Mytwosentences 130



The amative man with created red hair and a pocketless plaid jacket was about to hold the arm of a fubsy blind woman who was curiously smiling on a busy train platform.
As his pocked, hardened hand extended in a cordial show of support, the menial mystery of his lost reading glasses appeared snugly in the caring clutch of a perceptive, unbusy lady named Rose.
(Photo: Edward Roads)

Written by Edward Roads

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