By the Mighty Mumford


I greeted a Christian neighbor,

Who came to ask a favor…

“Christ is risen indeed”–

Her comment hit me–

Did she think all this poor vapor?

Her comment was sad and slow,

“Yes, but a long tome ago…”

Tired perhaps,

Or a lapse

Of enthusiasm…I don’t know!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Top 5 Fort Lauderdale: What You Can’t Miss

Mary in Manhattan

My bro and I took a trip to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in December. You know, during that limbo between Christmas and New Year’s’ Eve? Well, we escaped from the Northeast and had three days in the sun. There’s a lot to do in Greater Fort Lauderdale, and we really packed it in, including a spontaneous trip to Miami – they are only about 45 minutes apart. That post shall come later on. But first…lovely Lauderdale.

If you book a trip to Fort Lauderdale, here are my top 5 fun things you can’t miss:

1.  Water Taxi

The Water Taxi is for the use of locals as well as visitors. Let me tell you, I could totally get used to it – sure beats the NYC Subway. It’s a sizable ferry with a top deck full of seats. Up there, a tour guide lets you in on what you’re seeing…

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Do I Know You?

Dreamspinner Extraordinaire

This is the last of our monthly blog post challenge. We have been doing this for more than a year now, albeit irregularly. But it has been a rewarding experience, sharing our thoughts about a common subject. I will miss this, surely.

So for the last time, here’s my take on Karenina‘s chosen topic. You may also check out Joval’s piece here.

In my twenty-four years of existence, I can say I’ve met a good deal of people from many walks of life. Some passed by and walked on without a backward glance. Some graced me with their fleeting presence and left a mark I can never erase. Some said goodbye too soon and crossed to another world before I got the chance to tell them how much they mattered. Some keep me company after all this time and we grow together into who we are now.  Some…

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