DoubleU = W

Ding dong it is midnight.

The wicked witch will remain.

She will be marked in daily blocks,

As we leaf page-by-page,

Through hardware-store calendar.


Her evil spell will be felt,

Throughout the coming dozen,

The 52 repeated stretches,

From Sunday through Saturday.


A toxic brew which she conjured,

Especially for our benefit,

A blanketing pox under which we live,

Will cover the days we inhabit,

An inescapable, personal burden.


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Messenger of Love

The Lonely Author


Messenger of Love

Lonely nights
that never seem to end
I spend my time
thinking of her
writing words of
love with my lonely pen

my little white dove
please deliver my poetry
tiny messenger of love

Please tell her
That she’s the one I adore
Tell her I miss her
That I need her
Her words always
leave me craving more

little dove please sing
as you carry my prose
on feathered wings

Please tell her
Without her I can’t smile
She is my angel
of happiness
Tell her to love me
if only for a little while

my little white dove
please relay my message
tiny messenger of love

Photo taken from Pinterest.

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Advertorial Post: How to Protect Against Stress at Work


woman-1006100_960_720.jpgStress at work is a big problem. It affects all aspects of your life and not just your working life. If left unchecked it can impact on sleep, relationships, mental health, physical health and more. Work stress is one of the leading causes of absence from work.

If stress is a problem in your life, then it’s time to take action. What can you do to cope with work pressures and ensure they don’t have a negative impact on your health?

Recognize There is a Problem

The first step is to recognize there is a problem. Stress comes in many different guises, and it will affect different people in different ways. You may notice that you feel anxious or depressed. Other people may notice irritability or a lack of patience with others. There may be physical symptoms too, such as stomach upsets and headaches. Or you may be tired and…

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Love Lessons We Learned from Disney Films

The Pixie Dusted Disney Freak

Hello, Disney Lovers! Whether you are spending the day with your family members or your special someone, I hope everyone is having is having a great Valentine’s Day so far. Because of this season of love, there would not be a more appropriate post for this holiday because today’s post is about some of the love lessons we learned from Disney films!

You should never judge a person by his or her cover(Beauty and the Beast).  Since this is probably my favorite love lesson from a Disney film, I thought I would start it off with this.(The rest are in no particular order.) You should not judge someone by how they look. It just matters on what is on the inside. I mean hey, Belle even fell in love with a beast.


True love is putting someone else’s needs in front of your own (Frozen). True…

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