Happy Nowruz 1395 (2016)

World of Horror

Nowruz is partly rooted in the religious tradition of Iranian religions such as Zoroastrianism or even older in tradition of Mithraism aims because in Mitraism festivals had a deep linkage with the sun light. The Persian festivals of Yalda (longest night) and Mehregan (autumnal equinox) and Tiregān (longest day) also had an origin in the Sun god (Surya). Among other ideas, Zoroastrianism is the first monotheistic religion that emphasizes broad concepts such as the corresponding work of good and evil in the world, and the connection of humans to nature. Zoroastrian practices were dominant for much of the history of ancient Persia (modern day Iran & Western Afghanistan). Nowruz is believed to have been invented by Zoroaster himself in Balkh (modern-day Afghanistan), although there is no clear date of origin. Since the Achaemenid era the official year has begun with the New Day when the Sun leaves the zodiac of…

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Monthly Goals Update: March

How To Get Things Done in 10 Ways

March is already halfway over?! Well, I’m a few days late and I think I underestimated how long a month was. I didn’t think I was doing too well with my goals, but actually it’s not too bad! Well, let’s see how I’m doing…


1. Workout 5 days a week. I’ve been doing pretty good! I’ve worked out 4-5 days each week so far! Some workouts are not as long as others, but it still counts!

2. Lose 5 lbs. Not here yet, but I have lost 3 lbs! I think that’s a pretty good path to get to 5 by the end of the month!

3. Learn to meal prep! I’ve been meal prepping like a mofo! No joke! It has been amazing. I don’t even have to worry about breakfast or lunch every morning. I just open up the fridge and grab my meal and head…

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Gym Hacks: Conquering the Gym

Great vibes

What’s up guys!

So you’re on this journey to become healthy, and you join a gym. Then you give up and head back into old habits.


I’ve been pretty unsuccessful where the gym was concerned up until this year, last year I would go but my actions would not lead to any real results. I have learned a lot from last time. Here is what I’ve learned about creating successful gym habits. 

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