A Happy Palm Sunday 2016

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Chef François Peris baked hamburger buns in the shape of palm trees.  On that day, we celebrated Happy Palm Bun Day.

Harry Luck needed to get five thousand palm trees planted in order to get paid.  After a long period of time, he got the job done.  On that day, we celebrated Happy Palm Done Day.

One day on a tropical beach, everyone was bored.  Bibo the Clown was brought in to make everything fun.  On that day, we celebrate Happy Palm Fun Day.

Billy Botts got a new gun for his birthday.  On that day, we celebrated Happy Palm Gun Day.

Wilbur bought his wife, Yvette, her own private tropical island.  On that day, we celebrated Happy Palm Hun Day.

The local Catholic Church treated all of the nuns with a trip to a tropical island.  On that day, we celebrated Happy Palm Nun Day.

Brian Cocks was rewarded…

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Home Front – Dot the Welder

Pacific Paratrooper


The legend of “Rosie the Riveter” has inspired romantic ideas about American women doing their patriotic duty during World War II.

But for Dorothy Kelley, the motives were more personal. Recently divorced, she was raising four children on her own. And after seeing women from the shipyard cashing $600 checks, she traded a job at a Montgomery Ward department store for long nights of welding.

Kelley — called “Dot” — built ships in Portland, Me., working at the South Portland Shipyards from 1942 until it closed in 1945.

Recently, Dorothy’s daughter, Joyce Butler, visited StoryCorps to remember her mother’s life in those days. Wearing overalls and heavy clothes against the cold, Kelly and the other women wriggled into the ships, welding ship’s seams together in tight spaces.

Injuries were part of the job, Butler recalls. She says her mother’s neck and chest became “all spotted with burn marks, from the sparks.”…

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6 Things You need to do before you moved


It’s been a while I shared my relocation stories. I have relocated twice, once from Singapore to China and once from China to  Malaysia. It’s foreseeable that one day I’ll have one more move to make and that is from Malaysia to Singapore. While it is fun (and heartbreaking at the same time) to relocate, there are some things you need to do before you make the BIG move.


1. Get your accommodate sorted out
I have witnessed a couple of cases where friends moved without having their future accommodation fixed. It is going to be overwhelming and taxing to your spirit, and not to mention losing focus on your work if you don’t get the most basics sorted out. If you are getting temporary housing (like staying over with a friend or a colleague), make sure you can stay for at least a full month while you search for…

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