The story of a “Destiny’s Child” !

From my Pen to your Soul

On November 10, (year…I don’t remember the exact one ! Wink wink 😉 ) was born a little, plump, chubby-cheeked girl to a very conservative and simple couple in India (at a place called Assam, a very beautiful place embedded in the north-eastern part of India) It was the night of “No moon”… (in short, the night of “Amabashya” as called in India) just before Diwali (the festival of lights) when the clock struck 10:10 !!! There were sounds of crackers bursting everywhere and the entire city was decked up for the celebration of Diwali 🙂 The poor little baby was very much scared by these sounds that banged her feeble ear-drums, so much so that, even today she is scared by the sounds of cracker.

Her father was so happy and delighted for the home-coming of this little angel and that too, on such an auspicious occasion. Her mother was also happy (but deep…

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Are Your Children Embarrassing?

I Ruin Joy

Are Your Children EmbarrassingKids do a lot of annoying things that look ridiculous to adults, ok, it’s everything they do. Your instincts to stop them from being silly and embarrassing are strong, I get that. I am asking you now to get over it. Don’t roll your eyes, don’t ask them to stop and don’t tell them they look stupid!

Imagination is not what it used to be, kids aren’t allowed to spend time dreaming, kids aren’t allowed to mess up and be silly. Kids are structured into classes, lessons and homework and it sucks. There is no time to bark and act like a dog. There is no time to moo, walk like a crab or play with sock puppets. There is no time to pretend, there is just no time.

Kids who are allowed these fun behaviours become actors, dancers and comedians. They are the class clowns and the trouble makers…

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