My Youngest And Prettiest Self

I Ruin Joy

My Youngest And Prettiest SelfFunny, when I look at someone, I establish three things immediately. Their age, their weight and their social status. I don’t judge them or care, I’m noticing them because I may want to be friends, or put a hammer in their skull. Samesies.

It’s not optional, and I’m not always right.

Well, today I called someone old and ugly, they are several years younger than me. (Nice!!) Does that make me older and uglier? (In my defense, we were researching murderers at the time.)

I do find when I meet people and become friends with them, that initial impression is the one I carry with me. Their youngest and best-looking selves. They can try and tell me they are twenty years older, but to me, they are still that kid from the complex.

I hope that when people look at me, they have the same problem. I want them to see…

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