Morocco, Top Travel Tips – The Royal Palaces

Have Bag, Will Travel

Continuing my short series on Top Tips for Morocco. number two is the Royal Palaces…

Wandering aimlessly around the maze of streets in Marrakech we were looking for the Saadian Tombs which the guidebook said shouldn’t be missed but could be difficult to find.

First of all we discovered that it was completely right on the second point and after we had walked around the outside of the Kasbah Mosque we missed the entrance and took an unnecessary detour into some back streets and lanes which took us nowhere in particular.

After all the walking we were feeling hungry now so while we consulted the guide book maps we found a café with pavement tables and had a bottle of water (a bottle of water!) and a chicken kebab snack that was cooked on a grill on the pavement which tasted good even though it was complimented by exhaust fumes…

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Tenir Promesse Photo Shoot

BHIB Equestrian

Yesterday my partner Gabrièle Roy and I had the honor of doing a very special shoot. It was for Tenir Promesse. A group of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. They rescue and ensure the protection and well-being of horses here in Quebec and yesterday they gave their time to; brush and “polish” horses, scramble around for clothing, boots, brushes, slog through slushy snow and mud and stand in a chilly wind and smile.  All for the love and commitment to horses. Here are a few of the photos we took.

To learn more about Tenir Promesse visit:

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By the Mighty Mumford


Feeding the turkeys,

Feeding the turkeys,

Feeding the turkeys,

Oh come with me!

Out to the Camp Ground

Where they gather ’round,

Come feeding turkeys with me!

Feeding the turkeys,

Wild hungry turkeys,

Feeding the turkeys,

Oh, come with me…

Out to the woodshed

Where we have stale bread…

Come feeding turkeys with me!

Done feeding turkeys,

Done feeding turkeys,

So glad you were

There feeding with me…

We’re heading home to

Set up some tea to brew,

Wouldn’t you share my tea with me?

–Jonathan Caswell

*NOTE:  *Can be sung to the chorus of WALTZING MATILDA, an Australian folk tune.

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It’s just endearment, Darlin’.

Micki Allen

I don’t know why; maybe it’s because I’m from the South where dur’near everybody calls each other Darlin, Honey, Buddyor some other such term of endearment, but I’m constantly taken aback by people* who get their knickers in a twist when I call them Sweetpeaor Punkinshellor what-have-you. What’s wrong with showin’ a lil’ love?

I’ve noticed that these are usually the same people* who get all rankled when I use the term “ma’am.”

Me: “Yes, ma’am.”

Random Woman: “Did you just call me ‘ma’am’???”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Don’t call me ‘ma’am.’ My gawd, I’m not that old. How old do you think I am? Really!”

“It’s just a sign of respect.”


“So, where are you from?”

I really don’t understand the problem with using terms of endearment. I don’t even think I do it on purpose. I just can’t help it. Offense is certainly never my initial intention…

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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by Joel F

Joys of Joel

joys of joel poems, quote about faith, hope, patience, poem about yesterday, today, tomoorow Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow –

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow,
a link within time
beyond time

With a multiverse like ours
today’s split second
can instantly be

tomorrow’s unanticipated past
So hold on for one more day
and everything will pass.

Kindly Click This and Read  I Don’t Know How To Spend My Time Wisely.  Thanks.

Copyright © 2014 Joys of Joel by Joel F. All Rights Reserved.

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