By the Mighty Mumford


We pitched aluminum pots,

‘Cause aluminum seeps into brains….

Causing them to misfire

Losing memory of relatives’ names.

We always had our puzzles

And I started a blog…

That dementia “bug” can’t cut a rug

If we stay away from the fog!

Some memory loss is natural,

Dementia strikes fear…

We pray we may remember each other

As long as we’re living here!

–Jonathan Caswell

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Before Star Wars Was Big

The Arts Mechanical

It’s hard to believe now, but there was time, just after the movie was released that Star Wars was not a big deal.  I know by the time the movie came to my town in 1977 it was already a phenomenon.  Going to see it was the first time that there was a line for the theatre that I could remember.  But when the movie was released it was only in 40 theatres nationwide.

It’s interesting to see these reviews before the movie made the splash that it did.

It’s interesting to note that to the Movie execs, “Damnation Alley” was the new big SF film for 1977 and “Star Wars” was the quirky little movie that nobody gave much of a chance.  The ability of Hollywood execs to pick the winners hasn’t changed much

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The Chicago Commies Fight The Illinois Disenfranchised

The Arts Mechanical

There was a big fight yesterday at the Trump Rally That never happened.  Frankly I think that Trump made a mistake in not going.  At least for his image as a brawler.  How do you schedule a brawl and not show up for it? One thing that’s obvious though is that the whole thing was orchestrated by the usual suspect in the  Democrat  coalition.  After all, there was bomber Bill Ayers, right there in front of the cameras.

Pleased as punch about it all.

What the cameras weren’t showing was   how the Soros funded usual Democratic thug machine orchestrated the whole thing.

With usual suspects.

Or that the thugs went in looking for heads to break.

It’s important to remember that this wasn’t some little…

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