The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “A person will be summoned with the one whom he loves”…&…Allah Resûlü (ﷺ) dedi ki, ” Kişi sevdiği kimseyle beraberdir.



If you need love, love. Need happiness? Bring it to others. Want to be rich? Share from what you have. Want Jannah? Do it all for Allah’s Pleasure.

Yahya Adel Ibrahim

Sevgiye ihtiyacın varsa, sev. Mutluluğa ihtiyacın varsa, başkalarını mutlu et. Zengin olmak istiyorsan, neyin varsa paylaş. Cenneti istiyorsan, Allah’ı memnun et.

Yahya Adel Ibrahim

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Misfit Rendezvous

The Lonely Author

pieces of a broken heart

Misfit Rendezvous

Look at me I am a broken man
with a busted heart unglued
clinging to my fragmented parts
my warranty is no longer due
there you are a fractured woman
a hole has replaced your whole
you need a coronary jump start
or a sign that says damaged goods
we’d be a perfect imperfection
meeting on a misfit rendezvous
two interlocking jigsaw pieces
broken me and fractured you

Photo borrowed from Google Images.

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Around Downtown Chicago


We went to Chicago last fall. It rain half the time, leaving the city enclosed in fog. When the clouds cleared, the city skyline glittered like diamonds in the night. The leaves were gold and falling, leaving clumps on the ground large enough to fall into. We did just that, and so much more besides. One thing that I love about Chicago above all else is how walkable the city was. So we walked, a lot…and you should too.




One of the most memorable thing that we did while we were in Chicago was the treasure hunt. We had a friend who used to live in Chicago who challenged us. He told us to find the office where he used to work with only one clue…it was between Trump Tower and the Clock Tower, wherever that was. So we went around Miracle Mile photographing buildings until we got the…

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Maybelline The Falsies Push-up Drama Mascara Review

Online Beauty Finds

Maybelline The Falsies Push-up Drama

Hello again!

Some of my favourite mascaras are by Maybelline and so I thought this one would match the others in performance but unfortunately this one fell short.

Maybelline The Falsies Push-up Drama Mascara

The brush has short, stubby rubber bristles that don’t hold much product. The brush makes it hard to separate the lashes and so an eyelash brush is needed during application. Regarding the “push-up” claim; I honestly didn’t notice it doing anything more than a regular mascara.

The formula is wet and does not layer well at all; it made my lashes stick together and clump up. The first layer gives me a bit of length but hardly any volume, which is very disappointing. This would be a good mascara for a natural look but I like to have both volume and length in a mascara and this lacks in both aspects. However, I found this to work well on my lower lashes…

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