A Ship Waits

Poet Rummager

Image by Lemanshots


A ship waits for me anchored to the moon.

The breeze impatiently tugs at the sails.

Waves sweep into shore and out to sea.

Whales of Jupiter implore my name.

I’ll glide on cosmic clouds

and across immense galaxies.

There are planets to explore

far away and perilous.

In the darkness, I shall travel

stealthily, so as not to awaken Erebus.

*Whales of Jupiter is a joke pertaining to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede which scientists say contains a salty ocean with more water than Earth.

*Erebus is the Greek god of darkness

Image by Lemanshots (Click HERE to visit and follow her blog).

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Hello my lovely readers 🙂 How’s everything going?

Today I want to share with you an outfit that I’ve been loving these days, I think it’s an everyday look perfect for these cold days. It’s a very lady like look inspired in the French style. What I also love about this look is that even though it mainly has dark colours, the burgundy makes it colourful and cuter.


To fight against the cold I decided to wear this beautiful dark blue coat from Shana. I really like the golden buttons and the fact that it has lots of pockets. I also think the material and shape of this coat makes it quite elegant.


Then I decided I wanted to wear the beret because I think it’s a very feminine and elegant accessory.  This beret is from Stradivarius and I love it’s burgundy colour. To follow the colour scheme I…

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