A day at the office

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Hello, dear friends!

Recently, I´ve been honored by three wonderful women with invitations to their blogs as the guest blogger. Also, these commitments come with a responsibility. I hate to disappoint.

So, Mliae at Lifexperimentblog asked me why is so difficult to lose those last 5 kg. She lost 1,6 last week but I´m stretching her patience with the post. It´s almost ready, dear 🙂

Lisa at Life on an El Paso woman is hosting a Saturday Evening Interview. How cool is that?

Last, but not least, Kally at MiddleMe asked for some exercises for the office. Dear, I´m on it:

A day at the office

Also, two random facts about me:

I love suits…

…and Cons 🙂

Needless to say, visit and follow these amazing bloggers!!!

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You Want To Move To Canada? Yay!

I Ruin Joy


So you don’t like Trump, you’re going to escape him by going to America’s 51st state. I like when you call us America’s hat, that makes you our shirt, cool. People from everywhere are dying to get into Canada, but when they get here, it’s never quite what they expected. Before you go through all that time and effort, let me explain what you’re getting into.

You’re going to have to learn how to be polite! Try saying “thank you” once, just to practice. Also we say “sorry?” or “pardon?” when we can’t hear you, not “wut?”, we also say sorry to inanimate objects we bump into. If you don’t, people look at you weird.

Oh and the lovely french language, it’s so easy to learn, you’ll love it since it’s the only language spoken after work hours.

Oh no, he has a foyer in his house? Better call the…

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How is workforce similar to classroom (Part 2)


And….. We are back again with the second installment of this article. We talked about the environment and the surrounding people who can make or break your spirit just when you step into the workforce. Today, we will delve further into the challenges you will be facing similar to what you will face in school.

graduation-819762_960_720Everyday Tests
Before you throw your books in the air and yelp for joy that tests are over, I’m afraid to tell you that tests are an everyday thing in your daily work. Whether it is the deadline you are completing your task or whether you are productive at work, it is no longer just theory based and memorizing text but it is how you put those quotes into action. Every phone call test your knowledge on your job, every email test your grammar and your spelling, every time your boss hands you a task…

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Maryland chooses team to build, maintain Purple Line light-rail route


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan yesterday announced that Purple Line Transit Partners has been chosen to build the 16.2-mile, $2 billion Purple Line light-rail project.

The team — which comprises Fluor Enterprises Inc., Meridiam Infrastructure Purple Line LLC and Star America Purple Line LLC — will design, build, finance, operate and maintain the line under a public-private contract.

The line will have 21 stations and will run from New Carrollton to Bethesda, Md.

With an expected $1.36 billion in fare revenue, along with local and federal contributions to the project, the final cost for the state will be $3.3 billion over 36 years, according to a press release issued by Hogan’s office.

The state’s upfront expenditure for Purple Line construction will be $159.8 million, down $8 million from previously announced estimates. Additionally, Maryland’s annual availability payments have decreased to $149 million from $167 million. These payments cover financing, operations, maintenance and…

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