Spring Bloomers 😍


Hello ladies

Hope you are all okayyy! Daffodils are blooming in the UK!! It only means one thing, spring is round the corner .. Here I am today bringing you some spring bloomers with a pop of color!

To me Spring is all about adding a pop of color to both makeup and accesories to slowly beat the winter blues.. The whole process helps me get through Spring and enter amazing UK south east summer!!! Where the days are long and sunny and I literally lock my coat away 😀

1. Glowy foundations – Rimmel and L’Oreal

2. Natural collection bronzer – a very neutral and shimmery bronzer

3.Sleek Pumpkin and Sahara -to add  pop of color to your cheeks ( great eye shadows too)

4.  Mua copper – for a burnt bronzy eyeshadow look

(Bronzer, mua-copper,sleek – sahara and pumpkin palette )

5. Volume million lashes mascara-for Long and…

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