Down The Old Street….(Where My heart Still Escapes)



The moment I had done learning my Alphabets, I immediately took to story books with lucrative illustrations. As a child, my mom used to send me off to the nearest store so that I could read through Stories, as we were not financially well-off and couldn’t afford to buy many of those books. The Book Store owner was a very old man, and a warm heart too, he let me flip through pages of any and every book. I sat there the whole day, and went through as many books as possible, that too just at the cost of Re.1 per hour, that was the rate applied to people not buying but just reading through books.

Now, We are very much stable, and I write books myself, but still my heart wanders through that old street, where the Old Book store now lies, all silent to itself, cobwebs at nooks…

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