Review of Freelancer Websites –


At the request of many, I decided it is important to understand how freelancing platforms work. I can’t say I have been through all of them, so far I am on 3 popular freelancing platforms;, and There are, of course, many different platforms, do a Google Search, you will discover plenty of middlemen eager to host both the companies and us, the freelancers. And why not? If there are demands, there will always be supply.

First of all, you have to understand, I am not sponsored by these companies and I am speaking from my experiences. However, I do wish that will feature me as one of their monthly proud and about member (you hear that Fiverr? Haha.)

Here goes the 1 of the 3 Freelancing Websites that I subscribe to: –
I started off with this website because my ex-company used to…

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