Crowning of the Rat King

Poet Rummager

Book by –FlyTrapMan–


♕ ♛ ♔ Cruddy Crown ♕ ♛ ♔

I’m the king of crud.
Inside, a rat gnaws my soul.
My heart pumps black blood.

A few words and a riveting book trailer by my friend, FlyTrapMan.

There are a variety of bastards and some are more furry than others—it’s a fact.

…Leather jackets…switchblades…incisors…whiskers…a vermin epidemic is making everyone grow a tail and society can’t put up with that kind of nonsense.

Food poisoning? A scientific experiment gone wrong? A million year old curse? Who knows. Sometimes we need a little push to bring out our worst—because somewhere deep inside…way deep…there’s a little rat in all of us.

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