How to Turn Down an Office Romance


3 days into Valentine’s Day, it is naturally that lonely hearts of the office bond together. What if you prefer to be single or alone on Valentine’s Day? What if you really want to avoid office dating? What if you don’t want to give the wrong idea to the colleague who is asking you? And what if the person who is asking you, is your boss?

As a female working in the male-dominated IT industry, I often have to hop, duck, swerve and even blindly pretend to be ignorant of the cupid’s feeble attempt at shooting arrows. It can happen to anyone in an office environment. Young or Old, Female or Male, Attached or Single. Let me share ways to appropriately turn down an office romance.

Please don’t be insensitive to the person who ask. You can turn him or her down nicely and quietly. It would be nice…

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