I Still Get Jealous

I Ruin Joy

I Still Get JealousI see younger women with their cute, sexy bodies and am I jealous of them? No, when I was their age, I looked like that. Now let’s see if they look like me when they are my age. However, some days I look like a pile of old shoes, can’t beat that!

I see women dressed in five hundred dollar outfits, am I jealous? No, because at one time, I also spent piles of money on ridiculous crap, I have $260 sunglasses, ridiculous.

I see people eating thirty dollar steak dinners with lovely cocktails, am I jealous? No, unless it’s cheap beer in a can, I’m not happy. Have you even tried my four dollar casserole?

Want to make me jealous? Tell me that your dad was a neurosurgeon. Tell me that you have a nobel prize winner in your family. Tell that you spent your Sunday dinners discussing something…

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